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Our past contain a great of esperience.That esperience allow to appreciate what is contained in the past. the art and handicaft worlds is changed, but what characterize the event may be enclosed in a word: “ the time”. About its glide on, today everything is fast, everything have a short life: for example a forniture is created very quick, born and disappears soon after. what do we lose? whit us the works born and grow with attentions deserved, they penetrate inside us and grow whit you and for you.

Gianni Spadavecchia
Marco Spadavecchia
 Art gallery
 Murales and street art

 Airbrushing on cars and motorcycles
Airbrushing un musical instruments
Light system
 Iron fornitures
 Wood fornitures
 Sacred art

The new and beautyfull murales of 2008.
TEXT Words in freedom.
FIGURATIVE Human figures.
FANTASY Free fantasy.

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